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Application code review made easy, explicitly designed for your Mendix application development.

How to determine the number of documents in a Mendix application? (see faq)

Small App



A small Mendix app size has up to 1000 documents

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Medium App



A medium Mendix app size has between 1000 and 2500 documents

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Large App



A large Mendix app size has between 2500 and 4500 documents

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Extra Large App

Custom price

An extra large Mendix app size has over 4500 document

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All packages include all key ACR components:

  • Automated code review
    Rules in category’s maintainability, reliability, security, performance, architecture and project hygiene
  • Shared defaults
    For consistency
  • Whitelist
    Approve good design or exceptions
  • Integrated with CI/CD
    To use in your pipelines and shift left
  • Integrated with Mendix stories
    To manage technical debt and immediate issues


Frequently Asked Questions

The Mendix app size (small, medium, large, or extra large) is calculated based on the number of documents. Documents include almost everything shown in the Project Explorer such as microflows, pages, nanoflows, java actions, etc.

To check the number of documents in a Mendix app follow these steps:

  1. Open the app in Mendix Studio Pro (formerly Desktop Modeler)
  2. Under the Edit menu click on Find Advanced.
  3. In the popup dialog select All documents
  4. See the number of documents in Find results view (by the default on the bottom)


Yes, it is possible to create stories in Sprintr based on a violation in ACR with a single click.

Yes, ACR allows for 'ignoring' violations if a reason is provided. This is done by placing violations on a so-called whitelist. Once a violation is whitelisted it will no longer be reported in future reviews.

Ideally, ACR should be run as soon as possible after code is committed. For example at the end of a workday. This means, that the feedback is already available and can be acted on when the next day starts.

Yes. For one, ACR allows rules to be switched off completely. Furthermore, some rules are configurable. For example, most of the naming convention rules can be customized to match your team policy.

The rules in ACR are based on Mendix best practices, community guidelines, our guidelines and from the users. If you have an idea for a rule please share it with us.

The CI/CD tool is available as a preview. It can be used for free, but we reserve the right to offer it as a separate product later.

Yes, you can sign-up for a free 14-day trial here

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I am now so incredibly satisfied with this piece of software that I would wish any organization to start using this software! It’s just that good and a complete package!

This should have been in the Mendix platform a long time ago, especially when you have big Mendix applications.



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