Comprehensive code review is a need every Mendix developer has. Having a tool that ensures your code follows best practices is something that every single developer wants. That’s why our automated Application Code Reviewer for Mendix is rapidly becoming a de facto standard in Mendix environments. In this 45-60 minute webinar, we will show the ACR in practice and you will receive a unique offer at the end.

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Tuesday November 12, CET 4 pm | GMT 3 pm | EST 11 am

This live webinar was held at November 12th, however you can watch the recording of this ACR webinar below:

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Topics that will be covered include

  1. What is the Application Code Reviewer, specifically designed for Mendix
  2. What are the benefits of Application Code Reviewer
  3. Demo of Application Code Reviewer, including:
    • How to run an automatic code review and see violations
    • How to identify whitelist violations
    • How to customize reviews by configuring which rules are checked
  4. Live Q&A with Bart Tolen & Marcel Janssen
  5. Exclusive temporary offer for webinar participants only


What is the Application Code Review?
Our Application Code Review (ACR) is a cloud-based tool that is specifically designed to accelerate the code review process for Mendix applications.


Mansystems ACR provides an easy to use integrated tool that automates much of the code review process using the same best practices defined by Mendix. Key components of the ACR platform include:

  • Automatically check development rules
  • Whitelist an exception to a rule
  • Customize rule sets to fit your own development rules
  • Reuse customized rule sets across apps
  • Enable developers to self-service their own reviews

Best of all the ACR is available directly on the commit, which means a developer can immediately check the code they wrote themselves long before a potential issue is discovered by one of their peers.

Meet our presenter

Bart Tolen has a Master of Engineering in applied physics and has been working with Mendix since 2010. He is a Mendix MVP, Solution Architect, and specialized in performance. Bart is the thought leader and designer of Mendix APM and the Application Code Reviewer.



Marcel Janssen is a specialist in application quality and information security. He has already been working for 15 years for Mansystems on quality aspects.

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