ACR Platform simplifies code review process for low-code apps built using Mendix

Almost all development teams do peer code review, even when using a low-code platform. The real challenge IT leaders face is finding a way to make the code review process as painless as possible for all concerned. The only way to achieve that goal is to ruthlessly automate as much of the peer review process whenever and wherever possible.

Even though the low-code platform from Mendix reduces the amount of code that needs to be manually developed, developers still need to check each other’s code. The issue is finding a way to achieve that goal in a way that doesn’t slow down the application development process. The best thing about platforms such as Mendix is more applications can be developed faster than ever. Of course, that also all creates more code that needs to be reviewed.

Application Code Review (ACR) is a cloud-based tool developed by Mansystems that is specifically designed to accelerate the code review process surrounding the development of low-code applications using the Mendix platform.

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