Development teams rely on Mendix APD to rise to performance challenges faster

Nothing is quite as disconcerting for end users than an application performance problem. Long ago, Jakob Nielson conclusively demonstrated that that optimal response time to ensure a great application experience is 0.1 seconds. If application response times approach one second, the user's attention starts to waver. After ten seconds, the user simply stops using the application altogether. More recent research from Google shows that even a half a second delay when requesting web page can result in a 20 percent decline in Web traffic. Clearly, end users are unforgiving when it comes to application performance.

The challenge development teams face is that as applications become more complex finding the root cause of any application performance issue can be quite daunting. Determining which component of an application is at fault can take weeks, especially if the decline in application performance is occurring on an intermittent basis.

The Application Performance Diagnostics (APD) cloud service from Mendix makes it much simpler to discover and diagnose performance issues affecting low-code applications long before most end user ever encounter them. Development teams can pinpoint performance issues as the earliest stages of the application development process. Not only does that provide peace of mind for the development team, the APD module makes certain developers have the time they need to write new code instead of wasting time tracking down hidden bugs in existing production applications.