Automated testing plays critical role in accelerating application development

Application testing is a crucial and often underappreciated element of the application development process. The more time and effort put into testing, the fewer the problems that will be encountered once an application is deployed in a production environment. The challenge that organizations face is that there is only a finite amount of time available for testing. Application development deadlines are unforgiving. The more applications that are developed in parallel, the more complex that challenge becomes. Manual testing processes simply can’t keep up with the pace of development. The only way to fundamentally address this issue is to automate as much of the testing process as possible.

The best thing about the Mendix low-code development platform is that it enables applications to be developed at lightning speed. However, no matter how fast applications are developed, they all need to be tested to assure quality. With automated testing, organizations can now test more application code in a shorter amount of time. In fact, organizations that embrace best DevOps practices are now integrating testing directly into the application development process itself.