How to Bring the Benefits of Modern DevOps Processes to Low-Code App Development

The best thing about a low code platform is the rate at which applications can be developed increases exponentially. That can also wind up being the worst thing as the volume and complexity of the applications being developed exceed the capacity of the development team tasked with managing those projects to keep pace.

Experience shows that smaller, stand-alone applications can be built using low code at an accelerated rate. But as applications increase in size and complexity, the rate of development can slow considerably under the weight of the processes that need to be tracked and managed. It becomes more difficult to determine which new functionalities impact what service within the application and to identify the potential risks those new functions might represent to the overall quality of the application. Over time, test processes need to become more elaborate, which then conspires to slow down the pace of application delivery.

To address these issues organizations should invest in a continuous integration/continuous development (CI/CD) platform through which they can adopt modern best DevOps practices.