Successful digital business transformation projects require the right organizational structure

Technology is an important factor of any digital initiative, but certainly not the only one on which the business outcome depends. The truth is many companies are focusing too much on technology. Other factors such as culture, people, and processes play just as critical a role in determining ultimate success.

Digital business transformation starts with organisational culture. Matching business goals to strategy and technology platform is as much art as it is science. Much care needs to be taken when conveying the value of a digital strategy based on a low code development platform to the business. To align the organisation to the digital business strategy, key questions need to be answered:

  • What do we expect in the future?
  • What can we do with data?
  • What can be done more efficiently and effectively?
  • What makes us more profitable?
  • How should we manage risk?

By tightly coupling the business value of digital business initiatives to the goals of the organisation, IT leaders can more clearly communicate the value of the low-code application development platform. Once it’s shown how low-code platforms enable those goals to be more easily achieved, resistance to making the shift to a low code platform starts to naturally fall away.