Security and privacy issues need to be addressed before low-code applications get deployed

Regardless of the size of your application, it is always important to protect the data that resides within it. After all, if data winds up in the wrong hands the potential consequences span everything from loss of reputation to fines being levied by the European Union (EU) based on the amount of revenue of your organization that could tally into the millions of dollars.

A general rule, data security needs to address privacy, integrity, and access. Many organizations still rely on simple online test applications to audit the applications they develop for potential vulnerabilities that might be exploited. The trouble is that given how routinely application vulnerabilities are exploited by cybercriminals it should be apparent the online tools made available for free are not especially good.

The goal should be to arm developers with a set of tools  that makes it possible for them to reliably identify vulnerabilities long before an application ever gets deployed in a production environment.